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 I saw "Silk"

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Franck D

I saw "Silk" Empty
PostSubject: I saw "Silk"   I saw "Silk" Icon_minitimeTue 23 Oct - 16:20


at the Festa del Cinema di Roma, last Sunday, there was the prèmier of "Silk" starring Mike Pitt. The movie began with an hour in delay, officially because Mike Pitt had lost his flight from London to Rome. Mike did the "red carpet", he knew he was late but never apologied. He signed several autographs. Mike was fine, with a black suite, his hair washed and cut and his wonderful cherry lips. Just on his side, there was Vicky Vicious - do you remember the film "The Last Days"? Well, Vicky is the blondie girl, who was the girlfriend of Lukas Haas - with long, bad cut and black hair.
The most exciting thing for me was to see the film in the same theatre where there was Mike.
The movie is based on the story by Baricco - who was glad of the interest in his work by foreign cinema - but there are some changes. After all, it's a romantic story, intriguing landscapes, and Mike is available to adapt himself to the changes of his role - unfortunately, he is the only one for this kind of things in the main characters, so you can see him with black under his eye, with the beard and the expression of disillusion.
At the end of the prémier, nobody went up on the stage to talk about the film, and Mike left on a court of friends of friends, politics, manager and vice managers of Media Production and an applauding Baricco. The ammount of applauds was enough for a pleasant film, not more - I didn't look at my watch - considering the film finished after midnight. Nobody booing, that's for sure.
The only thing that makes me think is that Mike always looks like to prefer to be on some where else. He doesn't show the pleasure of his work. His glaced eye when he admitted he was late with the interviewer - in the theatre we could see him outside on the red carpet - never hid his indifference about all. And I guess, being an actor should be a terrible work: always being where you don't want to be, with people you don't want to meet, smiling when you feel hopelessly sad. Is it all worth it?
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I saw "Silk" Empty
PostSubject: Re: I saw "Silk"   I saw "Silk" Icon_minitimeMon 29 Oct - 21:44

well, you are paid fort that, too Smile))
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I saw "Silk"
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